1. Make space for curiosity, not for confining yourself.

  • Share what you're curious about: Use MAKESPACE as a safe place to share and explore the talents and skills that make you who you are, but might not have ever been shared with the world.


2. Make space for all creators to be seen, not just watched.

  • Your full presence is requested: All community members (both those listening and those sharing) are asked to stay for the entire evening, not just the artist you came out to see.

  • Remove the layers of abstraction between yourself and the art: Phones are to be put away during the experience. To share experimental work openly, trust is required.

3. Make space for fearless expression, not perfection.

  • Perfection not required: Featured artists are asked to debut at least one raw, experimental, or work-in-progress piece. This is a space for sharing fledging ideas in with a community that will help you get them off the ground.

4. Make space for collaboration, not consumption.

  • MAKESPACE is a community, not a concert. You are not here to be entertained; you are here to engage.

  • Offer what you can share, share what you can offer: You may not be a musician or an artist, but every member of the MAKESPACE community is asked to think about what they have to offer to help build connections and support the creative endeavors of the community.

5. Make space for representation of voices, not an echo chamber.

  • Seek out the quiet voices with the stories that speak loudest: No where is diversity of thought, background, and experience more critical to a community than in art. Central to MAKESPACE's mission is to create a megaphone for amplifying the voices of creators who may not have been given a platform by privilege.